Legislation pertaining to investments in Gombe State is fashioned in accordance with all laws affecting investment in the federation. The state policies are liberal, flexible and conductive for local/foreign investment. The state tax system is liberal and government has dediberately package a five (50) year tax free incentive for all investor. Other incentives include free allocation of commercial/industrial plost and provision of industrial infrastructure.

Project pipeline

  1. Gombe Inland Container fright Station

  • this is to enable easy delivery of good to and from industries/importers/exporters

  • land with certificate of occupancy without encumbrance in provided

  • state government will provide infrastructure at the site

  • federal ministry of transport will need to approve prospective investor.

  • Competent investors to partner with the state government to develop and manage the facility on build Own Operate and transfer (BOOT) basis.

  1. Gombe export free zone near Gombe Airport Lawanti

  • The Development of he Gombe Airport provides an opportunity to develop a text free zone within the airport surrounding.

  • Government will provide industrial shades to enable investor to take advantage of the incentive provided by Nigeria export processing zone authority (NEPZA).

  1. Coal minig & Establishment of coal fired Electricity power plant

  • The state has huge deposited of coal Akko and Kwami Local Government Area which is being partially exploited by Ashaka Com.Plc.

  • Investor could produce ans sell electricity power with this cheap raw material.


  1. Niko Plastic Industries Limited

This is an associated company promoted by GSIPDC in conjunction with a foreign partner Hyunsung Hydraulic Machinery Company Limited and other local investors. The company produces shopping bags and is located in the Gombe Commercial Area.

  1. Investment Motel Bajoga

This outfit came into being as a result of the taking over of the old State Hotel Bajoga. The facility was upgraded and additional chalets constructed while the Kitchen/Restaurant and Reception/Bar Areas were improved as well. The Motal is currently leased out to Mihamdi Nigeria who also manages the Gombe Jewel Hotel, Kaduna and Jewel Suites, Gombe.

  1. Gombe Securities Limited

The company which is a subsidiary of Gombe State Investment and Property Development Company Limited was incorporated on 18th December, 2009 as a Broker/Dealer and Investment Advisor. It provides stock broking services to the general public.

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